Przegląd Muzykologiczny (cover)A yearbook of the Institute of Musicology, the University of Warsaw -- a scientific forum of the largest Polish musicology centre. The main aim of this publication is presentation of scientific achievements of academic staff of all Divisions of the Institute, as well as its doctors and doctoral students and students. Subject matters of published texts covers history of general and Polish music (from the Middle Ages to 20th century), theory and aesthetics of music, acoustics, anthropology, and Polish and international ethnomusicology. A separate section of the magazine reflects international cooperation of the Institute in form of publication of lectures of our guests. „Przegląd Muzykologiczny" as a community magazine is addressed also to a wider circle of readers in Poland and abroad who are interested in the published subjects representing modern musicology.

Published issues:

"Przegląd Muzykologiczny", nr 7/2007 contents
"Przegląd Muzykologiczny", nr 6/2006, Warszawa 2007, pages 216 contents
"Przegląd Muzykologiczny", nr 5/2005, Warszawa 2006, pages 211 contents
"Przegląd Muzykologiczny", nr 4/2004 ,Warszawa 2004, pages 168 contents
"Przegląd Muzykologiczny", nr 3/2003, Warszawa 2003, pages 180 contents
"Przegląd Muzykologiczny", nr 2/2002, Warszawa 2002, pages 188 contents
"Przegląd Muzykologiczny", nr 1/2001, Warszawa 2001, pages 150 contents


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