Musicology Today (cover)Polish musicology yearbook issued in English since 2004. The initiator of the magazine and today its spiritus movens, is dr hab. Katarzyna Dadak-Kozicka, a professor of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University and a chairwoman of Sekcja Muzykologów (the Musicologists' Section) of Związek Kompozytorów Polskich (the Polish Composers' Union). The yearbook is published by Sekcja Muzykologów ZKP and the Institute of Musicology, the University of Warsaw with financial support of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The editor-in-chief is prof. dr hab. Zofia Helman, the University of Warsaw and the members of the editorial board are: prof. dr hab. Alicja Jarzębska, the Jagiellonian University, dr hab. Alina Żórawska-Witkowska, the University of Warsaw professor, and dr hab. Ryszard Wieczorek, the Adam Mickiewicz University professor. The Programme Board is formed by other eminent musicologists from the academic centres offering musicology or theory of music studies.

The aim of the publication is presentation of achievements of dynamically developing Polish musicology to a general musicology society in Europe and worldwide. In the published issues of the yearbook can be found a wide activity spectrum of Polish scientists. The editorial team declares its interest in main sections of musicology as well as in musical works and history of musical culture of all the human history. Other fields of knowledge will by no means be omitted, e.g. aesthetics, methodology, theory of music, ethnomusicology, anthropology, psychology and sociology of music - all of the fields are areas of interests of Polish musicologists. Foreign authors can also find their articles published in Musicology Today providing they will be interested in the subject matters brought up in the Polish yearbook.

Published issues:

100 Years of Polish Musicology, vol. 9, 2012 contents
Émigré Composers, vol. 8, 2011 contents
Music Traditions in Totalitarian Systems, vol. 7, 2010 contents
Polish studies on Baroque music, vol. 6, 2009 contents
Karol Szymanowski: works - reception - contexts, vol. 5, 2008 contents
Anthropology – History – Analysis, vol. 4, 2007 contents
Poland in Europe: Musical Sources - Repertoire - Style, vol. 3, 2006 contents
Poland in Europe. Imitation or Interaction of Musical Models?, vol. 2, 2005 contents
Polish Musical Culture within the European Context, vol. 1, 2004 contents

Full text issues:

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